Creative Capital: How three former colleagues got together to start a quirky Singapore sock company
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Everyone should have a drawer full of awesome socks

Socks have gotten a raw deal in your closet. Often they come in a staple of muted, boring colours with a missing or worn out pair. 

Freshly Pressed Socks is founded by a group of friends that love fun, well designed and quality socks. We wanted to create a sock brand with an original point of view and a compelling brand story that we could share with the world. Our socks are designed in Singapore and manufactured with a blend of high quality combed cotton, polyester and spandex that is carefully sourced and made in Korea.

Our design philosophy 

At Freshly Pressed, we believe that socks are like your secret identity. It’s that small detail and part of your outfit that reveals your hidden side to the world when called upon, a tinge of design and pattern with a shot of fresh colour when you sit down or take off your shoes. 

All our socks are specially crafted with small details that reflect a unique character and is inspired by our love for art, pop culture and design. Each pair of socks is named after a character with a story that is documented online and on a character card that comes with each pair of socks. You could say that our socks are a little bit like wearable action figures :)

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